Is Taylor Swift at the Chiefs vs. Bills game today? Updates on if star is watching Travis Kelce in Buffalo

David Suggs

Is Taylor Swift at the Chiefs vs. Bills game today? Updates on if star is watching Travis Kelce in Buffalo image

There's a riot going on in the box suites during Chiefs games. The cause of such uproar stems from one of pop culture's most famous — or perhaps infamous — relationships.

Taylor Swift and Kansas City tight end Travis Kelce are an item. You probably already knew that, though. The pair of young lovers have been thick as thieves since going public with their adoration for one another back in September, with Swift swapping sequins for sweatbands at Arrowhead Stadium and Kelce traveling as far as Argentina to cheer on his world-renowned partner.

Love them or hate them, you can't stop hearing about them. It may not be the discourse sport fans — or Swifties — may want. But it's what they're going to get as long as the Swift and Kelce partnership stays intact.

The postseason brings with it a number of possibilities. It also brings the opportunity for Kelce's Chiefs to get bounced, spelling a premature end to Swift's sideline soirees for the time being.

A divisional round matchup against the No. 2-seeded Bills looms. With Kansas City slated to travel to the unfriendly confines of Buffalo's Highmark Stadium, it will need all the help it can get to rally support in the frigid cold.

What better place to look than the franchise's most prominent fan?

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With that, here's what you need to know about Sunday's matchup, and more specifically, whether Swift is planning to attend.

Is Taylor Swift at the Chiefs vs. Bills game today?

Swift must care for Kelce. If not, there would be no reason for her to make a pilgrimage to Buffalo — and its below-freezing conditions — for Sunday's game.

Swift is likely to attend Sunday's contest, it seems. At least that's what the internet believes, with numerous Twitter users, including famed Buffalo-based rapper Benny the Butcher poking fun at the concept of an international superstar like Swift sharing proximity with drunken, half-naked members of Bills Mafia.

Nothing is for sure at the moment. However, all signs seem to be pointing towards Swift making the trek to Queen City for the Chiefs' do-or-die contest.

She'll have at least one acquaintance there. Academy Award nominee Hailee Steinfeld — one of Swift's many muses in her 2014 track, "Bad Blood" — is also expected to take part in the festivities. She is dating Bills star Josh Allen, after all.

Brittany Mahomes, the wife of Kansas City signal-caller Patrick, is also likely to attend. Mahomes has frequented Chiefs-Bills contests in the past, including, most recently, Buffalo's controversial 20-17 win at Arrowhead back in Week 14.

So, although nothing is definitive, Swift's presence appears a likely possibility. Some will be grateful. Some will be perturbed. But everyone will be talking about it.

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