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 The 2023 NFL regular season is in the books and the playoffs are here for 14 of the league's teams. For the 18 other teams, they need to look ahead to improving themselves in the offseason, first in free agency and then in the 2024 NFL draft.

With the college football season also ending with Michigan's CFP championship game win over Washington, that means the page is flipped to the Senior Bowl to kick off the heart of the pre-draft process.

The intersection of one set of playoffs ending and another beginning ahead of Super Bowl 58 is the ideal time to check in with updated first-round projections.

Here's Sporting News' latest mock draft for the first 18 picks in the order, based on how the selections settled in Week 18:

NFL DRAFT: Big board of top 100 players overall, rankings by position

NFL Mock Draft 2024

1. Chicago Bears (from Panthers)

  • Marvin Harrison Jr., WR, Ohio State (6-3, 202 pounds)

The Bears might think about moving on from Justin Fields as their franchise QB despite his strong play down the stretch. They also could look to deal this pick for the second consecutive offseason to get a haul in return. But if they stay and stick with a rising Fields, it would be awesome to pair him with Harrison, after seeing the huge impact of getting D.J. Moore.

2. Washington Commanders (4-13)

  • Caleb Williams, QB, USC (6-1, 218 pounds)

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